Need a freelance graphic designer?

There are lots of reasons why you might need a freelance graphic designer – flexibility, the ability to meet a tight deadline, or perhaps illness or holiday has hit your business. Best to get a freelance designer on your books so you can call on the demand when you need it. I’m happy to provide this support at late notice, and almost always have a connection to my emails so I can give you an estimate or lead time within a couple of hours. Contact Donna Street before you are short staffed!

Social Networking

OK, hands up – I do often get caught looking online and spending a bit more time than I should on Facebook.

Amazingly though, I uploaded a link to my freelance design site and half my friends didn’t know what I did for a living! Now is that because they are far too interested in my social life or we just don’t use social networking to our advantage!

Now they do know and its all about who you know… And what they do!

Christmas card designs – personal and business

As I’m sat here looking at my Mac screen, its just dawned on me it really is very nearly Christmas… OK, OK about 8 weeks to go!

If there is anyone out there who would like a little help with their festive greetings and would like to put a personal or business touch to your own Christmas card design, please get in touch and I can add some sparkle and get printed with plenty of time to get them in the post!