Cold? Wet? Go to Florida!

Here’s a shameless plug for my other business – a Florida Villa with 4 bedrooms and a pool and spa that you can rent in Florida. Fed up of the cold and wet days? We’re over in Florida at the moment and it’s 25 degrees celcius. Jealous? Then contact me and arrange a deal for a 2 week holiday villa in Florida near Walt Disney World.

HTML5 – or not

When re-writing this website we decided to investigate HTML5. We’d heard good things about it, being a replacement for flash (never ventured into that one due to software costs) would work well with the Apple iPhone and iPad, new tags, and all sorts were promised. It was even suggested that it would be a replacement for Silverlight but that’s one for Microsoft to divulge in the future.

However after a couple of hours looking into it we just couldn’t see anything we could use to effect. We ended up simply adopting jquery to do some really nice transition effects and stuck to our CSS based design. It took an absolute age to make it cross browser compatible due to all the nice bugs in various browsers, but we got there in the end without HTML5. There’s still a way to go and we’re sure there’s a good use if you have multimedia rich content, so watch this space…..

Steve Jobs

I remember a few years ago when Steve Jobs was universally disliked. He seems to have somehow turned that all around (and everyone has conveniently forgotten) but only time will tell if he was really the only key player in Apple. Personally I think not – time to watch those Apple shares.