A bit of interior design

OK, maybe not a new skill but I have been busy choosing all the new bedding, accessories and wall art for Dave’s Florida Villa.

This is my other adventure and while out in the USA house hunting, I was surprised to see how dated some of the design work is out there… is there an opportunity for me to put my mark in Florida?!

Will get back to you on this…

Cold? Wet? Go to Florida!

Here’s a shameless plug for my other business – a Florida Villa with 4 bedrooms and a pool and spa that you can rent in Florida. Fed up of the cold and wet days? We’re over in Florida at the moment and it’s 25 degrees celcius. Jealous? Then contact me and arrange a deal for a 2 week holiday villa in Florida near Walt Disney World.

Fun week of sport – Olympics and Racing!

Looking forward to the Paralympic this evening in the stadium and a fun day out at Silverstone on Sunday watching the VW cup – will be cheering on Joe Fulbrook who has been kind enough to give me the tickets… not only does Joe race but also runs www.maidenheadprint.co.uk, a great local print business!

Christmas is coming!

Wow, a few months to go but I received some chocolates yesterday for my birthday and they were in packaging with a Christmas design! Its only August!!!

BUT that does mean we all have to start thinking about our Christmas promos, designs and cards!

Happy to help out with any design requirements and get the ball rolling before we are in the Christmas rush!

I’ve gone Olympic Mad!

Didn’t realise how hooked I’d become watching the Olympics and then found myself recognising two Olympic rowers in the doctors reception today – a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have looked twice and now randomly spotting them in their tracksuits in the surgery!

Really like the idea of a souvenir with the Olympic Stamps and their designs but disappointed you cant buy them separately rather than as a whole strip or set!

Need a freelance graphic designer?

There are lots of reasons why you might need a freelance graphic designer – flexibility, the ability to meet a tight deadline, or perhaps illness or holiday has hit your business. Best to get a freelance designer on your books so you can call on the demand when you need it. I’m happy to provide this support at late notice, and almost always have a connection to my emails so I can give you an estimate or lead time within a couple of hours. Contact Donna Street before you are short staffed!